The new generation communications that get you guests closer

Instant and reliable communications are essential to provide the best guests experience. The advanced Push and Talk solutions that we provide can be used together with  a native task manager software, another taslk manager with over the background mode as well as integrated with an existing one thanks the SDK and API modules. This will minimize the number of work devices and communication costs. Increase the staff efficiency, reduce the response time to guests and clients and take your business to the next level with an advanced application tailored to your activity segment

Key Benefits
 The combination of an highly efficient time-consuming PTT communication with the use of the data network, is the perfect solution for hotels, resorts, campsites and other segments of activity in the tourism sector. At the touch of a button, employees will  have the necessary information instantly  in pre-set or ad-hoc groups   and with the possibility of validating or retrieving this information at any time. All staff will be able to take advantage of the flexibility and functionalities of a Smartphone and other tactile devices such as iPads or robust Smartphones, with an improvement in the quality of communications. , Focusing on improving the tools available for your employees will increase the level of satisfaction of your guests and clients.
POC Features
  • Quality of communications
  • Unlimited coverage
  • Corporate control
  • Video-streaming
  • Data transmission
  • Communication parameters
  • NFC for access control
  • Task Manager
  • Integration
  • Wide range of POC Terminals
  • Professional accessories

Make the work easier

Any member of staff will be able to make use of one of our POC solutions, from any position and without training The POC solutions provide are adequate to their needs, solid and highly intuitive.


Answe your guests' requests quickly and reliably: your staff can have a direct line with other teams and will never lose a message thanks to the message recornding function. If necessary, you can integrate security personnel and provide them with specialized functionalities such as the integrated alarm system or access to video surveillance cameras.

Keep the image tuned

Hotel staff will communicate discreetly in front of guests with the latest technology and easy-to-use accessories such as headphones or Bluetooth devices. This will allow you to stay close and generate loyalty to them

Cost Saving

Taking advantage of your fleet of Android or iOS devices together with the WIFI infrastructure or the LTE network, will allow you to save between 50% -75% of your recurring cost in communications. In addition, thanks to the use of monthly licenses you will be able to adapt the communication costs to your seasonality, benefiting from an increasingly competitive, scalable and advanced technology.

Competitve advantages           Optimize POC Solution              Radio / DECT   
Amortization of WIFI and LTE infreastructe    
Unlimited coverage    
Touchable devices available (iPad, iPhone, Android, PC)    
Corporate management control    
Communications recovery    
Advanced features (SOS, video-streaming)    
Versatility, adaptability e integration    

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Hotels and Resorts



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