Efficient communications that improve public service

Councils, government organizations and institutions require solid and seamless communication that meet with its public budget. Their needs can be very diverse, depending on the profile of each activity, and they have to optimally use the public resources intended to each service. Push to talk over Cellular technology combined with the use of the latest generation of Android Radios, other smart devices or specialized POC equipment, provide this adaptability and cost savings. New modes of operational organization or the execution of tasks in more efficient way, are possible with advanced tools that directly affect the management of the public workers.

Key Benefits
  • Any public employee can stay effciently connected to critical information for their activity on the ground
  • Get real-time information for better decision making with digitalized documentation, specialized functionalities for each activity, reports or statuts updates
  • Making Push-to-talk accessible to all groups will allow instant, secure and private owned data to be reach at the push of a button
  • Track the teams performance with robust GPS capabilities that provide detailed travel routes, arrival and departure times, geaographic control or the location of each worker
  • Capture and store data for operational analysis and customed reports 
  • Eliminate round-trip calls saving time with user access to voice and text message logging
  • Communicate clearly in harsh environments with advanced audio and noise cancellation technology
  • Maximize available resources through more effective management and integration of  processes and equipment
POC Features
  • Unlimited LTE-WIFI coverage
  • Channel communication, PTT 1 to 1, Video-streaming, video calls ...
  • Data transmission
  • Radio-POC interconnection system
  • Group geolocation
  • High 3D localization accuracy
  • Vehicle, resource and people tracking
  • Communications backup
  • Alarm System (SOS, Man down)
  • NFC for access control
  • Task Manager
  • Equipment integration
  • Wide range of POC Terminals
  • Specialized professional accessories

Unlimited and fast communications

With the push of a button on a Tablet, Smartphone or PC you can start your professional communications. No distance limits or user training requirements, safely, without external intrusions or interference and with high sound quality. Users will have flexibility to coordinate from a Control Center and / or directly from the operational field.

Operational Features for each service

Assign specialized features for each worker profile. You can send Push-to-Talk (PTT) messages and data to individual users or channels, create and track tasks, provide voice recording and monitoring, and manage all user activity.


This will allow both public workers and institutions to have up-to-date, analyzable and accessible operational information with an exponential time saving. POC technology will provide constant contact and guarantee the safety of employees through alarm systems and real-time GPS tracking.


Centralize communications from a computer, provide the necessary equipment to each user profile and integrate the app solutions you already have with a  POC solution. You can also interconnect the existing radio network with POC technology in order to improve and extend its capacity. All this will allow the staff to be faster, more efficient and to increase the quality of the public service.

Competitve advantages           Optimize POC Solution                       Radio            
Centralization of communications via WEB console    
Unlimited coverage    
Touchable devices available (iPad, iPhone, Android, PC)    
Group geolocation    
Communications backup    
Operational features    
Flexibility and adaptation    
Integration in one single device    

activity segments

Police officers


Social services

Penitentiary centers

Waste management

Geriatric Centers

Cleaning teams

Public Park Guards

Culture and Museums