Advanced communications in movement

As a Logistics Sector we include all activities aimed to transport and storage of goods as well as the provision without distance limits of direct and indirect services for these activities.


In this sector there is 4 types of transport (land, rail, air and sea). In all of them Optimize's POC solutions can bring key operational improvements. We highlight  segments of activity such as postal services, messaging, storage or those that require multi-modal transport. The intervention of different fleets or teams that need coordination is an strong point traking into account the sustained increase in the online market and the processing of orders in real time. Customers now demand fast, highly flexible, reliable, and accessible service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


In this context, the purpose of Optimize is the development and implementation of new communication technologies that provide better efficiency, reliability, sustainability, security and protection to all logistics activities. The progressive adoption of advanced telecommunication technologies and innovative operating processes are the main source for obtaining key competitive advantages from logistics service providers.

Key Benefits
POC technology is especially suitable for activities that involve coordination, monitoring and fats communications. You can establish communication with your entire team or between internal and external teams, wherever necessary, immediately, without dependence on third parties and under the direct control of the organization. Whether this deployment has to be carried out in a specific area or if it needs personnel to be deployed in different geographical points, we assure  that you will have all the necessary tools to efficiently fulfill your mission. To sum up, using professional POC technology, reduce costs and improve qualitiy services thanks the integration the proper functionalities and devices for each Logisitcs user profile.
POC Features


  • Unlimited LTE-WIFI coverage
  • Channel communication, PTT 1 to 1, Video-streaming, video calls ...
  • Data transmission
  • Group geolocation
  • Communications recordings
  • Alarm system
  • NFC for access control
  • Task Manager
  • Equipment Integration
  • Wide range of POC Terminals
  • Specialized professional accessories

Instant communications

Press a button on a tablet, smartphone or PC  and you can start your professional communications. No distance limits, user training,  without external hearings or interference and with high sound quality.

Operational features

You can transmit Push-to-Talk (PTT) messages and digital data to individual users, in groups, create and track tasks, provide voice recording and monitoring, scan barcodes  and manage all user activity in the company.


This will allow you to have more up-to-date, analyzable, easily accessible, secure operational information and save time exponentially. You will maintain constant contact as well as guarantee the safety of employees through an alarm system and GPS tracking in real time.


Centralize communications from a computer, provide the necessary equipment for each user profile and integrate the solutions that you have already implemented or new ones you want to introduce. This will allow staff to be faster, more efficient and save  costs.

Competitve advantages           Optimize POC Solution                       Radio            
Centralization of communications via WEB console    
Unlimited coverage    
Touchable devices available (iPad, iPhone, Android, PC)    
Corporate management control    
Communications backup    
Advanced features (SOS, video-streaming)    
Integration in one single device    

activity segments

Multi-modal transport

Marine transport


Ground transportation