Communications for the industry 4.0

Efficient and seamless communications are critical to minimize interruptions and downtime. Your customers expect a high performance with low tolerance for interruptions in their services or in production chains. Optimize POC equipment allows you to combine professional and advanced devices with the Push to Talk technology best suited to your needs. This will provide you with powerful communication and information functionalities in real time for your workforce at a lower costs radio frequency systems.

Key Benefits
Use the proper POC solution according to your industry requirements. This point is the key for a right  transition to the new telecommunications radio generation for the Industry 4.0 and the resource optimization. Improving the quality and coverage of communications, high-precision 3D localization by plant through bluetooth beacons or centralized management of channels and users under a web environment, are some examples of key tools in the new industrial sector. Furthermore, such communications may be extended outside the plant for greater control and monitoring.
POC Features
  • Video-streaming
  • Data transmission
  • Communication parameters
  • Definition of geographical areas by production phase
  • Group geolocation
  • Tetra Interconnection System
  • NFC for access control
  • Task Manager
  • Geofence futures for zone control
  • Integration of solutions via SDK / API
  • Equipment integration
  • Wide range of POC Terminals
  • Professional accessories

Secure and efficient comunications

Securely transmit information under advanced encryption protocols, allowing staff to work efficiently, reducing the number of two-way calls and saving time thanks to automatic recording systems.

Advanced features

Monitor the activity of workers with robust geolocation and Geofence functionalities that can show  detailed travel routes, arrival and departure times, configuration of comunication parameters Man Down, access control or generation of reports adapted to their roles. This will allow you to keep information in real time for better decision making and resource optimization.


The solid integration between POC equipment and operational solutions are one of the keys to digitizing the industry and its transformation to v4.0.

We stongly recommend tp chose the equipment and  that give you flexibility and technological development capacity in the long run. 

activity segments

Petrochemical industry

Energy industry

Automotive industry

Food industry

Constraction industry