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Advanced Technology for demanding settings

Do you want to make easier the coordination and organization of all your teams? Optimize POC Solutions offers you the right Push to Talk communication system to keep your entire team in permanent contact, controlled and coordinated from anywhere. Both in the organization of musical, sports or corporate events, you will improve the operational capacity, the degree of satisfaction of your customers and provide an excellent service to all your events.

Key Benefits
POC technology is especially suitable for activities that involve coordination, control and fast communications. You will able to deploy all your equipment where necessary, immediately, without dependence on third parties and under the direct control of the organization. Whether this deployment must be carried out in a specific area or if you need your team to be present in different geographical points, we assure you that you will have all the necessary tools to efficiently fulfill your mission.
POC Features


  • Channel communication, PTT 1 to 1, Video-streaming, video calls ...
  • Data transmission
  • Communication parameters
  • Group geolocation
  • Communications backup
  • Radio Interconnection System
  • NFC for access control
  • Task Manager
  • Equipment integration
  • Wide range of POC Terminals
  • Professional accessories

Fast deployment

A laptop, tablet or smartphone and a data connection is all you need to start your professional communications. Choose between different modalities in a single solution according to the situation; channel calls, PTT 1 to 1 calls, video calls or two-way VoIP calls. No user limits, safely, without external intrusers or interference and with high sound quality. As simple as that.

Operational Features

Decide the role of your team members, the priority between channels according to each member of the organization or which voice messages should have priority over others. Direct your communications according to the position of your team, centralize communications from a computer and do not let users lose any messages thanks to the communications log. This will allow you to have more up-to-date, analyzable and easily accessible information with exponential time savings.

100% Flexible

Seasonality, unexpected last minute changes,  external colaborators or new unplanned communication needs will not be a problem. In a matter of seconds you can make the necessary modifications, incorporate external members with your own mobile fleets or reassign resources.

Competitve advantages           Optimize POC Solution                       Radio            
Centralization of communications via WEB console    
Unlimited coverage    
Touchable devices available (iPad, iPhone, Android, PC)    
Corporate management control    
Group geolocation    
Communications backup    
Operational features    
Flexibility and adaptation    
Integration in one single device    

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