Smart Airports require new generation of POC technologies

Different key activities interact at smart airports; aircrafts, passengers, airport services, check-in facilities, access control, ground operators, security and airport management require a high level of coordination.


In this context, operational solutions are critical in order to offer an efficient service that meets the customers needs: your team must be able to communicate quickly and share the necessary information at the right time. New daily challenges test your responsiveness, which can be compromised if you do not move towards next-generation of POC solutions.

Key Benefits
 4G / 5G broadband technologies provide significant operational advantages that POC technology puts at your fingertips.  Video streaming Transmission, video calls, communication logs or messages complemented with multi-media data on the field allow daily operational improvements, new tools for automate processes and cost savings. Choose the POC solution that best suits your needs taking into account the user profile and activity but always under essential requirements that meet professional quality standards. Below we show 4 real examples of key benefits based on POC functionalities
POC Features
  • Video-streaming
  • Data transmission
  • Communication parameters
  • Group geolocation
  • Tetra Interconnection System
  • NFC
  • Task Manager
  • Vertical Integration
  • Wide range of POC Terminals
  • Professional accessories

Video-Streaming Operations

POC tech provide assets with smooth workflow management tools. In this way any crew member can receive inmidiate support from other users. It helps to centralize and automate processes, for example, in groundhandling and aircraft maintenance services. Some operations may also benefit from seamless communications with security authorities or ground transportation.


Using communication by groups according to the geolocation of team members or being able to execute tasks simultanioulsy, from a single device and application, allows improving the operational efficiency.  At the same time, it makes possible to streamline processes and improve the task asset assignment according to the last status availability at any moment. 

Flight Management

Airports manage  a huge volume of work load that could reach diffcult situations in rush hours. In these escenarios,  setting  proper communications parameters such as roles or group priorities, with  either internal or external teams, makes the diference. Tasks will be asigned according to a flight number helping to manage them and reducing the staff response time.


Always choose secure, end-to-end encrypted solutions with appropriate cybersecurity standards to meet the necessary security requirements.

Over the right POC platform you can reach different security features depending on the operational needs such as; active alarm systems (SOS) or passive alarm systms (Man Down), MDM applications or inter-connections to video cameras and telemetry systems.

activity segments

Maintenance and Aircraft cleaning



Facility Services

Airport Services