The best poc technology of the market


The most complete solution in the PTT / POC market  provides:


  1. Wide range of compatible terminals (android radios, mobile, robust, with ATEX certificate, tablets)
  2. Multiple integrated functionalities
  3. Coordination from the Webapp platform
  4. Deployable as a service in the cloud or with installation at the client's home
  5. Interconnection gateway service between radio and XPTT systems
  6. Mission Critical Push to Talk with ETSI certification for LTE critical nets

Savox Promate PTT Accessories

Savox Promate is an advanced set of PTT accessories with and without cables for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other devices with data network connection. They allow to increase the operability, integration and efficiency of vast range of devices:


  • Optimize the management of phone and PTT calls
  • Increase the energy saving of the terminal
  • Higher volume (up to 100 db)
  • Anti-fall hook
  • Isolation of noisy environments

Android Radio

Description: Smartphones with physical characteristics of radio.

User profile: radio users with low or zero knowledge of new technologies.


  • Dedicated PTT button
  • Native high volume power
  • Powerful battery
  • Removable belt clip
  • Accessories with professional connection M6 or Bluetooth

PTT Smartphone

Description: advanced and ruggerized phones with dedicated or enabled PTT button.

User profile: users with demanding activities and specialized needs.


  • PTT button
  • Powerful battery
  • Great resistance
  • Different levels of technological development
  • Specialized features
  • Accessories with 3.5 mm connection or Bluetooth

Key POC features of POC Devices