Who we are?

We are the company specialized in Push to talk technology

What we do?

We improve the way that companies, organizations and public or private institutions work.

How we do it?

Ensuring the success in the implementation of POC telecommunications technology where this disruptive technology provides key operational improvements in order to increase the efficiency, safety and service quality for workers and customers. 

What is push to talk over cellular?

PoC or  Push to Talk over Cellular is the telecommunication system for cellular phones network that enables their users to use smartphones as walkie-talkies with unlimited range. 

User groups communicate instantly and permanently, without coverage limitations or size limit and without infrastructure investment.

Why to use PoC technology?

Better voice quality

  • Without interferences or listeners
  • Clear voice
  • Safe communications 


Greater Operability

  • Worldwide communication
  • Unlimited channels and users
  • Web service management
  • PMR, DMR and TETRA interconnection 


Less Cost

  • Accessories and devices for each user profile
  • Zero radio infrastructure investment
  • Variable cost 100%


Which is the best POC tool in the market?

XPTT, with more than 6000 users around the world, is the best professional POC tool. Optimize PoC Solutuions submits to strict quality tests all the devices and systems of which we are suppliers. The acquired knowledge on POC technology,  allows us to affirm that Talkway is the most advanced and solid POC professional tool on the market due to its system architecture and features.

What are the requirements for a professional POC implantation?

Devices with internet connection under iOS / Android operating systems and a POC solution certified for professional uses. Depending on the needs of each sector and activity, we can complement the company devices fleet with specialized equipment.

Which Sectors are we focused on?


Tourism Sector

Industrial Sector

Public Sector

Event Sector


Healtcare and First Responders

Logistic Sector